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Palermo is a city of a thousand faces and a thousand monuments. There is the Arab-Norman Palermo which recently received recognition by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site (click here for more info), a Baroque Palermo, and a nineteenth-century Palermo. Each of them deserves special attention. However, we would like to suggest a tour in which you will see unique monuments, mosaics whose beautiful colours stud entire churches and have no parallel on other continents. Once you have seen the gems on the Arab-Norman tour, you can start visiting the Baroque Palermo with its oratories, palaces and churches. Our Reception staff will be pleased to give you any information you may need.

The Arab-Norman tour

The most important monument to see in Palermo is the Cathedral of Monreale (10 km away from the city center, but it is easy to reach by a city sightseeing bus or by car). It is a grand complex that includes the Cathedral with its amazing mosaics, and a large Benedictine cloister. It represents a combination of Western religious culture and the artistic perception of Islamic workers.
While you stay at the Residenza D'Aragona, you absolutely have to visit the Norman Palace with the magnificent Palatine Chapel, decorated with marvelous Byzantine mosaics. Nearby, you will also find St. John of the Hermits Church and the cloister with unmistakable red Arab domes.
As you walk along Vittorio Emanuele Street towards the sea, you will find the Cathedral on your left-hand side. It is an original example of the Sicilian artistic eclecticism.

In order to visit all the gems on the Arab-Norman tour, walk along Vittorio Emanuele Street and turn right into Maqueda Street where we suggest you visi the Church of Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio, with its wonderful mosaics and St. Cataldo Church with its red Arab domes.
This is only a short list that does not include all the artistic and architectural beauty of Palermo. You would need at least three days to see it all. We are only giving you an idea of how to start to get to know the city, its most antique and most unusual monuments that depict the local art history.

Information about the Residenza D'Aragona

The Residenza D'Aragona is located in a late 19th-century building. Its façades are lavishly decorated with grotesque stucco motifs, attributed to Basile, a famous Palermitan architect. The Neoclassical style of the furniture and the original floors preserve the uniqueness of the building with its exquisite style.
The spacious rooms have been entirely renovated and some of the pieces of furniture are coeval with the building. It is the most elegant and sophisticated tourist residence in Palermo.